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Thinking of adding video to your marketing strategy? Or maybe you already are. Either way, my goal is to help by giving you valuable information on all aspects of marketing videos, especially how to use them effectively. Take a few minutes to watch and I'm sure you'll learn something... why not... it's free!

Latest Video Blog:

In this video I explain what hosting your video means and why it's important to do it right!

Past Video Blogs:

If you shoot your own blogs, or are thinking about it, watch this video for few tips to help make your blogs look more professional.

In this educational video I share a few tips to help you look more natural and feel comfortable on camera. Don't let your anxiety of being on camera stop you from being in your marketing video.

Email Marketing is still the best way to market your business online. In this quick video I explain why using video in your email campaign is so effective.

In this video I discuss a few of the different types of marketing videos.
The wrong length of video can turn viewers away. Check out my short video to learn more.
Content, length and quality are crucial to effective videos. Check out my short video to learn more.
The first blog in a series that focuses on the benefits of using video in your marketing strategy.